Is it a Backpack or a Child? Interventions with Young Children

Friday, June 19, 2015
The Heights
8001 Dale Avenue
Richmond Heights, MO 63117
The fee is $10 for non-members, cash or check only.

2015 CoCAN Workshop Series:

This workshop will discuss some of the mental health needs of young children (birth-age 5) and the challenges providers may often encounter while serving this population. It can sometimes feel like a loaded backpack of requirements, needs, and desires that can really load the professional, child, and family down! The presenters will provide information on how we can provide united efforts to best assist young children in experiencing mental and behavioral health. You will leave this workshop with practical intervention tools that can be used with young children when addressing explosive behaviors. Participants in this workshop will receive information on how to keep the ‘human’ aspect of the client and provider in the forefront. Professionals involved in this workshop will also benefit from self-care techniques utilized throughout the workshop. Door prizes related to inter-ventions with young children will be raffled at the end of the presentation.



The 2015 Missouri Legislature & Children

A review of the 2015 Legislature’s actions affecting children

Over 100 people attended this annual forum, and learned about the state of affairs for children in Missouri. Thanks to all the volunteers who made this possible. Stay tuned for updated Policy Notes from CoCAN, which will include information about how this year's session will impact your work.



COCAN Policy Notes- MARCH 2015

The mission of COCAN is to promote advocacy, education and legislative action to improve the lives of children at risk of abuse and neglect. We strive to 1) provide networking opportunities for professionals and community organizations working with children and families, 2) promote awareness of public, private and community organizations and resources focusing on child abuse/neglect, and 3) foster coordinated legislative and administrative advocacy on behalf of abused and neglected children. 

COCAN Legislative Activity

COCAN recently wrote a letter to Senator Blunt supporting the extension of federal funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which expires this year in September. CHIP is aimed at children in working class families whose parents do not qualify for Medicaid but are unable to purchase private health insurance. COCAN will continue to follow this issue, as there is senior Republican interest in legislation, which could deprive greater than a million kids of insurance or force families to pay higher out-of-pocket costs for coverage. 

This year the Legislative/Advocacy Committee of COCAN has set the following goals:

  1. Continue developing relationships with St. Louis area legislators--offering membership, following their newsletters, and utilizing an email list of legislators for easy access.
  2. Continue to keep COCAN members aware of national, state and local legislative issues around CAN.
  3. Monitor progress of the Joint House Committee on CAN.
  4. Follow the implementation of the 2011 Task Force on Child Sexual Abuse.

Important Updates

Keep your eyes on the following: 

  • HB 713/SB341 -This bill would require Children's Division to use a family assessment and service approach to respond to an allegation of a child/teen under 14 who is alleged to have committed sexual acts against a younger person.
  • HB152-Expands the crime of child sexual trafficking to include advertising.
  • HB684- to reduce the number of children placed into foster care by using host families ay the Supporting and Strengthening Families Act 
  • SB482 -we have called this Nathan's Law in prior years. The bill would modify childcare facility licensing to limit the number of children in a daycare home.
  • HB734-would prohibit sharing the oral recording or photos of an alleged child abuse victim with anyone not required by law to have these
  • Federal legislation needed to reauthorize the extension of funding for Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (MIECHV) before expiration on 3/31/15. Congress created the MIECHV program in 2010 to improve health and developmental outcomes for children and families in vulnerable communities
  • Check out the November 2014 report, Not All Children in Foster Care Who Were Enrolled in Medicaid Received Required Health Screenings, by the Inspector General for HHS.






Thanks to everyone who attended our first training of 2015: Treatment Planning - Formulating High Quality Service Plans. Participants left with new ideas about practice wisdom, the place of diagnosis in treatment planning, and additional resources for treating specific issues. Check out our Helpful Links and Resources page soon - we will add all the information shared by Sharon and Laura.

We had close to 50 participants, door prizes, updates from local organizations, and time to talk with our colleagues - something we often miss when we are at our own workplaces, focused on getting the job done. Join us at our upcoming trainings this year for more information you can use, and the chance to network with other folks serving families.


Fri., Sep 18 Aging Out: Service Provision to Older Youth

Fri., Dec 4 Interventions with Families






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