The Multidisciplinary Team Response to Child Abuse Allegations

Friday, June 24, 2016
The Heights
8001 Dale Avenue
Richmond Heights, MO 63117
The fee is $10 for non-members, cash or check only.

You made the hotline and Children’s Division and law enforcement are involved… what? This training will discuss the multidisciplinary team (MDT) response to child abuse allegations and the benefit of working as a team. Presenters from each of the MDT disciplines (Children's Division, Children's Advocacy Center, family court, law enforcement, medical, and prosecuting attorney's office) will provide information about their individual case process and their role on the team. Participants will have the opportunity to hear about an actual case, the involvement of each team member and the case conclusion. MORE INFO


  • September 16: Working with Children of Offenders
  • December 9


COCAN Policy Notes - March 18, 2016


The 2016 Legislative Session is almost at Spring break and has been an eventful session thus far. The emphasis of CoCAN and many of our partners will again be on laws to better support abused and neglected children in Missouri. COCAN is committed to keeping our members abreast of legislative issues and, as such, we have focused our attention on the following:

  • Joint Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect, chaired by Representative Bill Lant: CoCAN continues to monitor proposed legislation and votes taken by Representative Lant’s committee. Currently, we are particularly focused on HB 1433 which allows parents to appoint an “attorney in fact” for their children for up to one year. This allows parents to appoint someone to care for their children while they may address on-going needs that are preventing them from caring for their children versus the children entering foster care.

  • Missouri Children’s Leadership Council: CoCAN is focused on several pending bills that the Missouri Children’s Leadership Council is also following and focusing on. These include:

    • HB 1562/SB804: Sexual Trafficking of a Child: this bill adds advertising a minor to participate in a sex act to the criminal offenses of sexual trafficking of a child.
    • HB 2202/SB971: Records of Victims of Sexual Offense: specifies that any visual or audio recordings or photographs of a minor who is alleged to be the victim of a sex crime cannot be disclosed unless required by court order.
    • HB 2355: Establishes the Missouri State Juvenile Justice Advisory Board: creates within the office of the State Courts Administrator this board that must provide consultation and recommendations regarding ongoing best practices within the juvenile court system


COCAN has pledged to partner with others interested in child abuse and neglect issues. We continue our commitment in 2016. The Legislative/Advocacy Committee wants you to know your membership and your dues count:

  • April 6, 2016: Child Advocacy Day at the Capitol-please join other passionate professionals working against child cbuse and neglect at the Capitol to advocate for awareness and legislation to support children and families. If you are interested in joining a group of passionate advocates on April 6, please be a voice for our children and register today at:

  • April 30, 2016: Family Resource and Healthy Kids Fair--10 am--2 pm at the O’Fallon Park YMCA. Vendors and child welfare agencies will be present to provide helpful information to families and other professionals who attend. There will be fun activities for the children and food for all to enjoy. Please come as a vendor and/or pass the information along to the community. CoCAN will be co-sponsoring the event!

  • June 8, 2016: Legislative Wrap-Up 9 – 11 am at the Heights. Please join us again this year as we partner with Vision for Children at Risk to provide a comprehensive overview of the 2016 legislative session. More details to come.



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